12 July 2006


Vi tar sommerferie. Det vil antagelig ikke skje noe her før nærmere midten av august.

Hvordan tjene penger på videodeling

If:book har en interessant artikkel om betalingsmodeller for videodeling, med utgangspunkt i videodelingsnettstedet Lulu.tv: lulu.tv testing some boundaries of copyright.
The new revenue sharing strategy behind Lulu.tv is fairly simple. Anyone can post or view content for free, as with Google Video or YouTube. However, it offers a "pro" version, which charges users to post video. 80% of the fees paid by goes to an account and the money is distributed each month based on the number of unique downloads to subscribing members.

11 July 2006

Fra The Long Tail

Chris Anderson skriver om hvordan tiden for superhits er over: The Rise and Fall of the Hit, Wired Magazine, July 2006.

Les mer om The Long Tail i Wikipedia.

07 July 2006

First Monday-konferanse om åpenhet

Cory Doctorow: "Conversation, not content, is king"

Cory Doctorow skriver om internett som en disruptiv teknologi for åndsverkbransjen i Locus Magazine, 5. jul. 2006: Science Fiction is the Only Literature People Care Enough About to Steal on the Internet, (via Boing Boing).

Technology giveth and technology taketh away. As bands on MySpace — who can fill houses and sell hundreds of thousands of discs without a record deal, by connecting individually with fans — have shown, there's a new market aborning on the Internet for music, one with fewer gatekeepers to creativity than ever before.

05 July 2006

Meget bra foredrag

Dette er litt "off topic", men så bra at vi tar det med allikevel: TedTalks: Hans Rosling, (via Tversover).

World eBook Fair

I går startet den måned lange World eBook Fair.
The World eBook Fair welcomes you to absolutely free access to a variety of eBook unparalleled by any other source. 1/3 million eBooks await you for personal use, all free of charge for the month from July 4 - August 4, ...

Kule steder i Google Earth

Hvis du ikke skal ut å reise i sommer kan du isteden foreta noen virtuelle reiser i Google Earth: Cool Places, (via Digg).

Gøy med Google

Dette er faktisk en ganske underholdene samling spill/leker: 55 Ways to Have Fun with Google, (via Lessig Blog).