20 November 2007

Trent Reznors Copyright Fun

Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails forsøker å publisere resultatet av oppfordringen til fans om å remikse musikken deres, men har kommet i en opphavsrettslig knipe. Han beskriver selv situasjonen på eget nettsted, og det hele er herlig lesverdig:
While I am profoundly perturbed with this stance as content owners continue to stifle all innovation in the face of the digital revolution, it is consistent with what they have done in the past. So... we are challenged at the last second to find a way of bringing this idea to life without getting splashed by the urine as these media companies piss all over each other’s feet. We have a cool and innovative site ready to launch but we're currently scratching our heads as to how to proceed.
Vi har tidligere hyllet Trent Reznor og NIN:
- Trent Reznor - en uredd musiker, 11/05
- Trent Reznor ligger fortsatt et hode foran, 09/07
- Radiohead ber deg bestemme prisen, 10/07

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