27 January 2007

Mer om Joost (tidl. Venice Project)

Bra artikkel om Joost i Wired News 17. jan. 2007: Why Joost Is Good for TV.

Her er noen sitater:
"It's really pretty simple," Friis says, shifting into mantra mode. "We've taken the best things about television and added the best things from the Internet."

The vision: universal TV, running on a hybrid P2P platform -- millions of exquisitely networked PCs fortified with traditional video servers. Free to viewers who download the player app. Friendly to content owners, thanks to industrial-strength encryption. Delightful to advertisers, adding pinpoint targeting to their all-time favorite medium. Everyone's a winner!

... "The ultimate value of Skype is free phone calls," says Friis, ... "The ultimate value of what we're doing here is free TV."

But the project also aims to add value to free TV in a way that only the Internet can: less commercial time. Like, 90 percent less -- as little as one minute per hour of viewing, if projections pan out. "The key in the past was volume and frequency," says Clark. "Now it's going to be quality."
Dette høres bedre og bedre ut. Joost er tidligere omtalt her og her.

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