05 October 2006

Internett-TV på alvor

Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström, personene bak Kazaa og Skype, er snart klar med sitt neste prosjekt: Skype's Venice Project Revealed, BusinessWeek Online, 5. okt. 2006:

To get started, users need to download a piece of software from the Web and install it on their PCs. When they boot up, the software will connect to the Web and open a full-screen window displaying "near high-definition" quality video images.

While the software turns your PC screen into something that looks a lot like your TV, the capabilities go far beyond anything you'll experience in your den. Jiggle your computer mouse, and a variety of tools appear along the edges of the screen, even as the video continues to play. At the bottom of the screen, there are controls like those on a DVD player, including stop, pause, and fast-forward, as well as a search window to find new videos. An image on the left includes a menu of preset channels. And on the right, there's a set of interactive tools that let you share video playlists with friends or family. An image at the top of the screen identifies the channel and the name of the clip you're watching. All of the images can be expanded by clicking on them with a mouse.

Høres meget lovende ut dette. Kanskje jeg snart slipper å abonnere på programpakker fra UPC med dusinvis av programmer jeg ikke er interessert i?


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