23 June 2007

Everything is Miscellaneous

Viktig bok som problematiserer måten vi har ordnet verden på og hvordan internett er i ferd med å endre den: Everything is Miscellaneous - how the Web destroys categories, disciplines and hierarchies, (Boing Boing, 2. mai 2007):
It's a powerful idea: from org charts to science, from music to retail theory, from government to education, every field of human endeavor is tinged with hierarchy, and every hierarchy is under assault from the Internet. One impact of this change is that it reveals the biases lurking underneath the editorial carvery of our systems. From the Dewey Decimal system's laughable clunkers (mentalist bunkum gets its own category, but Islam has to share a decimal with a couple competing "Eastern" faiths) to the Britannica's paring away at "old" biographies to make way for the new, Weinberger makes a compelling case for a new kind of knowledge that more faithfully represents the messy, glorious hairball of the real world.
Mer om Everything is Miscellaneous (fra Boing Boing):
- Everything is Miscellaneous: prologue and chapter 1 online, (28. mai 2007)
- Weinberger talks about Everything is Miscellaneous, (30. mai 2007)
- Cory interviewed by David Weinberger about metadata, (2. mai 2007)

Ekstra: Cory Doctorows berømte artikkel om hvorfor drømmen om en semantisk web aldri vil bli en realitet: Metacrap: Putting the torch to seven straw-men of the meta-utopia (Cory Doctorow, 26. aug. 2001).

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