22 March 2007

Kopimaskinens historie

Interessant om fotokopimaskinens historie: Fotokopiatorns historia, (Copyriot, 26. apr. 2006):

I mitten av 1960-talet beskrev Marshall McLuhan kopieringstekniken som den mest omvälvande elektriska uppfinningen i historien dittills:

Xerography is bringing a reign of terror in the world of publishing because it means that every reader can become both author and publisher /…/ Authorship and readership alike can become production-oriented under xerography. Anyone can take a book apart, insert parts of other books and other materials of his own interest, and make his own book in a relatively fast time.

Erstatt "xerography" med "internett" så er denne beskrivelsen av "terror in the world of publishing" helt oppdatert.

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