01 November 2005

Googles reklamesuksess

Vi har tidligere skrevet om vedkommende som fikk den briljante ideen The Million Dollar Homepage og som nå har solgt reklame for mer enn $500.000. Det blir allikevel småtterier mot Googles reklamesuksess. New York Times har en lengre artikkel om hvordan Google tjener penger på reklame. De skriver blant annet:
Google introduced its current system for determining which ad to show on which page late last year. It is a wonder of technology that rivals its search engine in complexity. For every page that Google shows, more than 100 computers evaluate more than a million variables to choose the advertisements in its database to display--and they do it in milliseconds. The computers look at the amount bid and the budget of the advertiser, but they also consider the user--such as his or her location, which they try to infer by analyzing the user's Internet connections--as well as the time of day and myriad other factors Google has tracked and analyzed from its experience with advertisements.
Link: Google wants to dominate Madison Avenue, too, Cnet, 30. okt. 2005


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