03 October 2005

Tim O'Reilly forteller deg hva Web 2.0 er for noe

Den nylig omtalte forleggeren, forfatteren og internettguruen Tim O'Reilly har skrevet en glimrende artikkel om Web 2.0. Her er noen sitater:
You can almost make the case that if a site or product relies on advertising to get the word out, it isn't Web 2.0.

One of the key lessons of the Web 2.0 era is this: Users add value.

... they build systems that get better the more people use them.

... users pursuing their own "selfish" interests build collective value as an automatic byproduct.

While mainstream media may see individual blogs as competitors, what is really unnerving is that the competition is with the blogosphere as a whole.

... a recent ZDnet editorial concluded that Microsoft won't be able to beat Google: "Microsoft's business model depends on everyone upgrading their computing environment every two to three years. Google's depends on everyone exploring what's new in their computing environment every day."
Link: What Is Web 2.0, Tim O'Reilly, 30. sep. 2005


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