29 September 2005

Artikkel om WikipediA

A.J. Jacobs, journalist i Esquire, lot WikipediA-samfunnet skrive artikkel om WikipediA:
Jacobs decided to craft an article about Wikipedia, complete with a series of intentional mistakes and typos, and post it on the site. The hope was that the community itself would be able to fix the errors and create a clean version that would be ready for publication in Esquire's December issue.

... According to the Wikipedia page for Jacobs' story, the article was edited 224 times in the first 24 hours after Jacobs posted it, and another 149 times in the next 24 hours.
- Esquire wikis article on Wikipedia, Cnet, 29. sep. 2005
- Wikipedia: Improve this article about Wikipedia, WikipediA


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