22 September 2005

So Many Books, So Few Readers

Interessant lesing om bokbransjen. Det gis ut flere bøker en noen gang, men de er ikke lenger viktig som informasjonsbærere:
"How Much Information 2003," a recent report of the School of Information Management and Systems of the University of California, Berkeley, shows just how unimportant books and other paper documents have become for information storage. New information has been growing at 30 percent a year, consistent with the techno-evangelists' predictions. In 2002, five exabytes - 500,000 times the capacity of the Library of Congress - of new information was produced worldwide. Ninety-two percent of it was on hard drives and other magnetic media. Only 0.01 percent of information in all media is stored on paper, and books by one estimate account for less than 2.5 percent of all paper.
Link: So Many Books, So Few Readers, Princetoninfo, 12. mai 2004, (via Eiriks forfatterblogg )


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