19 June 2005

Reiseberetning in progress

Emma & Simon skriver fra sin reise med den Trans-Sibirske jernbanen: Trans-Siberia - A rail journey from Vladivostok to Moscow with seven stops in between.
The world's oldest and deepest lake is breathtaking. Lake Baikal is known as "the Pearl of Siberia" and it is truly a natural jewel. The water is clear and mostly pure. Its size is staggering. Baikal holds 20 per cent of the world's unfrozen fresh water and some estimate it could supply drinking water for every human for 50 years. Its deepest point is 1.6 kilometres; its widest point is nearly 80 kilometres; and it is more than 600 kilometres long.
Mye å lære.

Trans-Siberian Railway i WikipediA.


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