28 October 2006

Slik lager du din egen MySpace-side

Lore Sjöberg beskriver hvordan han laget sin egen, ikke akkurat seriøse, MySpace-side:
- MySpace Avoidance Fails Miserably, Wired News, 18. okt. 2006.
- MySpace, Now With Random Crap, Wired News, 25. okt. 2006.

I fill out the About Me section, attempting -- as all people who fill out About Me sections do -- to make my life sound more interesting than it is. I can't relate the whole thing here, but it involves sunspots and goblin kings.

There's something missing from my MySpace page, though. It's ugly, sure, but it's only ugly in the same way as any default MySpace page. If I want to be a part of the MySpace hive mind, I need to upgrade to truly unreadable. Next week we'll take a look at the garish fruits of my efforts.

Resultatet er imponerende: Lore Sjöbergs MySpace.


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