11 October 2006

The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine er et nettsted som søker etter musikk i MP3-blogger. Jeg har ennå ikke rukket å teste ut dette skikkelig, men jammen høres det bra ut: Capturing the buzz, CNN Money, 9. okt. 2006.

Her er noen sitater:

The Future of all media.

The best thing to happen to music since the Rolling Stones!

Kazaa has been shut down, but now someone has taken its space.

Prepare to click on something that will change your life.

Wilson maintains that the service might become the "Technorati for music." To me, that seems too modest. With a little imagination and daring, the Hype Machine (or something like it) could evolve into the single indispensable site in the Webified world of music.

Link: The Hype Machine.


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