13 October 2005

Lydbok som podcast

Paul Story driver og skriver boken "Tom Corven" et kapittel om gangen. Hvert kapittel leses av forfatteren, tas opp på en pc og publiseres på internett som en løpende podcast:
The novel Tom Corven is a nerve racking experiment by Paul Story. It is the world's first novel written for podcasting. It has never been submitted to an agent, publisher or any other forum for publication. I am committing myself to provide the community with a regular series of chapters, written to a professional standard and recorded by me to the best of my ability, free of charge, until the book is complete. I am doing this in the hope that, once hooked, you will want to read (or listen to) more. Writing to a deadline in fiction is extremely difficult because you are effectively saying to yourself (and everyone else) that there will be no excuses, no writer's block, no failure of the imagination and definitely no lazing around. I aim to post a chapter every few days (I'll try for Mondays and Thursdays). By the time it is finished, there will be approximately sixty chapters.
Du finner podcasten i iTunes ved å søke på "Tom Corven".

Link: Paul Corven


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